Best Bowling Shoes: The Definitive 2020 Guide for Beginners!

Bowling is a sport that requires deliberate precision, strategy, and body balance. A player’s approach (running up before releasing the ball) is as important as it is to release the ball at a proper angle and trajectory. A casual pair of shoes can catch you off balance during a run up and lead to injuries. They will also create ugly skid-marks on the wooden lane. A proper pair of bowling shoes are slick. They provide smoother motion and better control for your body-balance.

If bowling is something you are considering to get into then it is suggested, you invest in the proper footwear that will elevate your game to another level. In order to purchase the proper pair of bowling shoes you need to consider the following features.

A removable insole that can allow you to play for long periods and in comfort. Of course, the size also has to be right with a shoe that fits snugly around your foot. The right amount of support is always a plus, for which the shoe should be breathable and offer stability to the foot. You also need to figure if the shoe is designed as right-handed, left-handed, or a universal side sole (which can be used by both left-handed and right-handed players).

In this article, I’ve highlighted five of the best bowling shoes of 2020 keeping in mind the above fundamentals. Read on to find the one for you.

1. BSI Basic #521 Bowling Shoes

Best Choice

  • Stylish design
  • Built for comfort
  • Great for sliding
  • Great price to quality ratio
  • Durability is questionable

Features: Leather Uppers, Sliding sole | Outsole: Microfiber outsole

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Coming up at the top are the BSI Men’s #521 bowling shoes and these happen to be one of the most popular ones in the market. It all boils down to the entry-level price that manages to pack in the essential features you would need to play the beautiful game. So what makes it special?

For one, the BSI 521s are crafted with a synthetic leather upper and rubber outer sole. The construction is ergonomic and stylish, making them very comfortable to wear. An extra plush insole sockliner adds the decent amount of cushioning that will reduce pressure on your joints and ankle, allowing you the luxury of bowling for hours. The outer sole meanwhile is made with microfiber which makes sliding easier on the court. In fact the level of smoothness will be very easy and allow fluid mobility to your strides.

One major plus is also the light weight of the shoes which will give you some extra agility and airiness when you’re making your run up the aisle.

Because the BSI 521s are designed somewhat similar to a sneaker, they’ll also look pretty cool as a casual shoe. But with all that said, the durability of the shoe is not its best aspect as period of extensive and rigorous create signs of wear and tear.

However, for anyone who is looking to purchase a reliable pair of shoes without breaking the bank, the BSI Men’s 521 is the ideal pick of the bunch.

2. KR Strikeforce Flyer Bowling Shoes

Premium Choice

  • Stylish design
  • Great sliding experience
  • Premium comfort
  • Smooth and cushioned outsoles
  • The shoes are too wide

Features: Synthetic Construction, FlexSide Technology | Outsole: Cushioned Outsole

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The Strikeforce Flyer is a stylish quality bowling shoe that comes in a vast array of vibrant colors that you can choose from to best represent your style. The shoe is constructed for maximum comfort with an upper composed of handcrafted synthetic leather. It is light in weight which allows you to bowl for longer periods of time without getting fatigued.

The Strikeforce integrates a cutting-edge FlexSide technology that offers an optimal sliding experience for your soles. Exhibiting ergonomic comfort when you make a run down the lanes. The outsoles are supple and feature soft cushioning which elevates the comfort level of these shoes to premium level.

Design-wise I found the shoes to be a little wide which I think might be a niggling issue for players with narrower feet. I also think the synthetic materials on the upper take away the durability of the shoes. Those who play for extended periods of time will note signs of wear.

With that said however, if you want take bowling seriously and want the footwear to help you perform optimally, very few shoes would rival the Strikeforce Flyers.

3. Brunswick Vapor Men's Bowling Shoes

Bronze Medal

  • Very good fit
  • Premium comfort
  • Construction is durable
  • Stylish design
  • Sole isn’t smooth for sliding

Features: Performance Enhancing Construction, FlexSide Technology | Outsole: EVA Outsole

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Brunswick is a renowned brand that deals specifically in bowling gear and accessories so it should be of no surprise then that they have a line of top-quality bowling shoes for the enthusiast out there. For over a century, Brunswick has become synonymous with being a distributor dealing exclusively within the bowling industry. And one of their most popular shoe is the affordable and reliable Brunswick Vapor.

These shoes are designed to give you a precision-based bowling experience. The uppers are made of flexible and performance enhancing leather. If you wear the right size you’ll notice the nice, snug fitting of the shoe. The universal side soles integrate a FlexSide technology that also provides ample foot comfort. The durability of the material is reliable enough to be long-lasting. Also featured is a light EVA outsole that gives a gentle cushioning effect for the underside of the foot.

If I had one problem, it was with the slide factor of the soles. They didn’t provide me with the best sliding and I occasionally had to powder the soles of my shoe to get the extra punch. Still that alone isn’t a deal breaker.

For the nominal price tag, the Brunswick Vapor does ensure a very good fit and premium comfort. It also helps that the shoe looks sleek and stylish as a sneaker too.

4. Storm Gust Bowling Shoes

The Dark Horse

  • Durable cotton canvas upper
  • Breathable material
  • Great for sliding
  • Not suited for wide feet
  • Comfort is lacking

Features: Cotton Canvas Upper, Lightweight Comfort | Outsole: Rubber Outsole

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The Storm Gust is one of the most stylish model of shoes in all of bowling with a sleek upper construction and savvy skateboard design. The upper is made of cool and breathable cotton that welcomes air circulation which is a bonus considering how other bowling shoes in the same price range are made of stuffy leather. The tight knitting of the canvas also makes the Storm Gust a pretty durable shoe.

The slide sole found on the pair make them universal bowling shoes that also integrating cleverly constructed SlideRite pads for added cushioning. A removable EVA footbed can be found in the insoles that adds a cushioned mechanism for the foot. However, in trying out many different bowling shoes I must admit that the Storm Gust feel stiffer on the inside which doesn’t make them as comfortable as they appear to be.

The shoe is designed with wider toebox that gets narrower around the middle. I would also warn any potential buyer to order sizes that are half an inch longer than your actual size. If you have wider feet , you’d be better off exploring alternate options.

However, if you want to hit a strike while also looking pretty darn stylish in the process, the Storm Gusts are the ones that’ll make you look striking.

5. Dexter Turbo II Bowling Shoes

Super Underrated

  • Performance enhancing design
  • Stylish and aesthetic
  • Durable construction
  • The fit is wide
  • Unsuited for tall players

Features: Synthetic Construction, Sliding Sole | Outsole: Microfiber Outsoles

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Next up is Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoe that makes its case known as a formidable pair of bowling shoes to own.  Constructed of synthetic leather, the Turbo II feature a low-profile design that utilize comfortable internal padding. The design is built to enhance your sporting performance. The leather material feels durable and you can make a long-term use of them.

The heel on the Turbo II are elevated and has a smooth sliding capability which will provide you a more fluid experience as you make your run to deliver the ball. The higher heel may be suitable for shorter players in their run-ups but taller players will feel the strain and discomfort.

Of course, as it says in the complete name, the shoe is designed for wide-footed people so that’s an obvious plus for those with broader feet but players whose own foot shapes are narrower will have to look for a different shoe that suits their needs better.

However the price-tag itself justifies a lot of the shortcomings, as this is a shoe with decent comfort and an ergonomic design that also looks stylish as footwear.

For newcomers to the world of bowling who want to seriously improve their game, the Dexter Turbo II will be the reliable bowling shoe!

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