Best Paints for Shoes: Let the Creativity Shoe!

They say all you need is a good pair of shoes and you can conquer the world. Shoes can say much more about a person, their style, their personality, and their creativity more than anything else. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that they are the paint that fills your personality’s canvas.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could go an (easy) extra mile and make them stand out? There is! You can do that by treating your shoes as the canvas itself. Whether you’re looking to customize your shoes or giving life to an old fraying pair, shoe paint can go a long way. Let your inner artist out, discover your style, hide old patches, and paint yourself the perfect shoes.

We’re here to equip you with the perfect tools to do so. Here is a list of the 5 best shoe paints you can buy, based on their price, quality, vibrancy, and longevity.

1. Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Set

Best Variety

  • Available in different opacities
  • A large variety of colors
  • Easy to blend
  • Can be used to paint different surfaces (leather/cloth etc.)
  • Tubes might not be completely full
  • Paint can clump sometimes

Features: Acrylic, Water-based | Variety: 48 colours, Multiple opacities | Viscosity: Medium

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Liquitex is a well known name in the world of artists. They have been producing paints for decades now, mastering the craft life very few others have. In fact, they have invented the water-based acrylic paints that are so popular now.

These acrylic paints by Liquitex come in a set of 48 paints. You can use these paints, mix, and blend to come up with any shade you want. A mix of opaque, semi opaque, and transparent, these water-based paints are available in all colors imaginable.

The paint tubes are 22 ml each. To make these paints, the pigment is mixed with very fine, grounded ceramic beads that give this paint a delicate dispersion and vibrant color. In addition to that, these paints stick very easily to a majority of surfaces. Hence they are well suited for shoes and fabric. The paints are of medium viscosity, which makes them very easy to blend and mix, while giving a high quality finished look.

However, there may be complaints about this paint sometimes being clumpy and dried out. Additionally, sometimes the paint tubes aren’t filled to their full capacity.

If you are someone who wants a lot of options and variety (w.r.t to colors and blending), these paints will work great for you!

2. Neon Nights UV Paint

Most Vibrant

  • Vibrant range of colors
  • UV sensitive
  • Doesn’t fade
  • Machine Washable
  • Expensive
  • Can only be used on textiles

Features: Acrylic, Machine Washable, UV sensitive | Variety: Different sets with various colors ranges and opacities | Viscosity: Thick

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Neon and glow-in-the-dark accessories are the “in” thing these days. Specially amongst the youngsters, neon is the one way ticket to becoming trendy.

The Neon Nights UV paints helps you do just that! You can find a variety of paint packages from Neon Nights, with a wide range of colors, opacity, and paint type. Most of these paints are acrylic and you can find paints, which are simply neon, or are neon plus extra glow-in-the-dark.

The quality of the neon paints is so good, and the colors so rich, that they even seem to be glowing in normal light. These paints are extremely long lasting as well, so you don’t have to worry about repainting yours shoes for long time. The paint is opaque, with a thick texture, which makes it more resistant to washing or wearing off. It’s even machine washable!

These paints however, are a little expensive compared to the quantity of paint in the bottles. These can also only be used on textiles.

If you’re a youngster or someone going for the “trendy” look, you can be very creative with these paints.

3. Zeyar Paint Marker Pens

Most Versatile

  • Marker shape makes it easy to control
  • Water proof
  • Fast drying
  • Variety of colors
  • Paint flow might not be consistent
  • The pen tip can leak

Features: Marker shaped, Oil-based, Water resistant, Toxin Free | Variety: 18 different colors (normal, metallic, neon) | Viscosity: Medium

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These marker pens by Zeyar Paints are some of the best quality paints out there. These paints are oil-based and made in a way that makes them dry very fast.

Their composition allows these paints to work and stick to a large variety of surfaces. In fact, these are some of the very few paints that can be used to paint rubber shoes. Additionally, these paints are completely water resistant, as well as acid and toxic free. This makes them extremely durable.

These paints come in 18 different colors, which in addition to all the normal colors, also include 3 metallic colors and 5 neon colors. The end result is when using these pens is an opaque finish. The best thing about these paints is that they come in the shape of markers. This means it is very easy to draw or doodle or sketch as you have much more control as compared to painting with a paintbrush. The tip is medium sized (25 mm) and good for writing as well as drawing.

However, it might take you a while to get a hang of the tip, as it might require some shaking up to get the paint flow consistent.  You might also need to keep pressing the tip to get the paint out, which also makes it prone to getting damaged and leaking.

You will love these paints if you’re someone who is more comfortable drawing/writing rather than painting!

4. Crafts 4 All Fabric Paints

Most Utility

  • 3D painting
  • Paint can be used from the bottle directly (like a marker)
  • Come with 3 paint brushes
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Small bottles (less paint)
  • Paint might dry up quickly once the bottle is opened

Features: Acrylic, 3D look, 3 free paintbrushes, Extra thin bottle opening | Variety: 24 different colors | Viscosity: Medium

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Crafts 4 All gives you a set of paints in 24 different colors. This paint is 3D and can truly be used to give your shoes an entire new look! In addition to creating a 3D look, these paints can also be used as simple 2D acrylic paints. What’s even better is that these paints come with 3 paintbrushes, which makes them so much more convenient.

These paints come in squeezable bottles that have very thin openings. This allows you to paint on your shoe directly from the bottle, using it as a pen/marker of sorts. These paints are also completely odorless and free of toxins, which make them very safe to use, even for small children. While these paints were originally made for fabrics, they can be used to paint on a variety of other surfaces as well, including leather and wood.

The best part of these paints however, is not the colors or its texture, but the confidence that the company has in it. The paints come with a warranty of sorts, because the company claims that they’ll replace the product if you are unsatisfied with it for any reason!

However, these bottles are very small and once opened, can dry up very quickly.

These paints are highly recommended if you are looking to work on a small project, for example kids’ shoes or small patterns etc.

5. Angelus Leather Paint Set

Specially for Leather

  • Paint doesn’t crack or peel
  • Multiple color sets available
  • Easy to clean
  • Work on surfaces other than leather as well
  • Paint is thin
  • Might require several coats for full coverage

Features: Acrylic, Multiple surfaces including leather, Water-based | Variety: Multiple sets of 12 colors (original, neon, and pearlescent) | Viscosity: Thin

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Leather shoes are some of the best ones most of us have and the ones which stay with us for the longest time. Unfortunately most of the paints are fabric-only and can’t be used on leather.

This paint set by Angelus is created specially for leather. What makes this even more special is that Angelus is a company that has been making leather and footwear related products for years. So these paints are specifically made for leather footwear.

These come in a set of 12 colors, an ounce of acrylic paint in each bottle. There are multiple sets available in this, with different color options. There is a kit with 12 neon colors, one with 12 original colors, and one with 6 neon and 6 pearlescent colors. It is a water-based paint so it is easier to use and clean and once it dries, it doesn’t crack. It can also be used on multiple surfaces like fabric etc.

However, this paint is thin, so to get full coverage, you might need to do multiple coats, which will also make the entire thing more time consuming.

But if you have some great leather shoes, which you’re really invested in, these paints are what you need to revive them!

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