Best Shoes for Surgeons to Keep Foot Problems Away!

Doctors spend their lives helping other people live healthier and better. Ironically, they can be very nonchalant and negligent when it comes to their own health and wellbeing.

Surgeons in particular are more inclined to do that. With their hectic routines and the tough nature of their work, health and comfort often takes a back seat. Surgeons spend day after day, standing on their feet all day, performing hours-long, life saving procedures. For people who spend a major part of their jobs standing on their feet, comfortable footwear is essential. Not only does it increase the longevity and vitality of your legs and feet, it also helps in reducing stress and fatigue.

Unfortunately, they often do not have the time to scout through markets, experiment, and find the most suitable shoes for them. Fortunately, we have got them covered and done their homework for them. So if you are a surgeon looking for comfortable shoes, here is a list of the best shoes for surgeons. All you have to do is go through the list and find the shoes that work for you.

1. Merrell Encore Slip-On Shoes

Best Support

  • Comfortable
  • Medically superior technology
  • Slip resistant
  • Can break if used for intensive walking
  • Can have fitting issues

Material: Full grain leather, Rubber | Features: Merrell Air Cushion in heels, Shock absorbent | Technology: EVA and Ortholite foot bed

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Number 1 on our list are the Merrell Encore slip-on shoes. These shoes come in two subtypes, The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe and The Merrell Women’s Encore Q2 Slide LTR climbing shoe.

These shoes are available in two shades, black and brown. Donning a classic croc look, these shoes prioritize comfort over style. The fact that they are not bad-looking is an added bonus. These shoes have a full grain, 100% leather upper and a rubber sole. The sole of the shoes has a Merrell air cushion installed in the heels, which makes them shock absorbent.

The slip-on quality of these shoes make them extremely easy to wear while taking the least amount of time. They are also slip resistant so that you don’t have trouble with them getting off while you’re wearing them. The compression molded EVA foot bed and foot frame allows added comfort and stability. In addition to that, these shoes have an Ortholite footbed, which ensures maximum safety and the best posture and position for your feet. The nylon mesh inner lining makes the shoes breathable and help keep your feet dry and sweat free.

However, these shoes aren’t known to be very durable. They’re great if your work involves you standing for a long time, but they are not made for long periods of walking. These shoes also fit a little loose. So if you are looking for shoes that’ll help you keep standing through long surgeries, these are the ones for you!

2. DANSKO Professional Leather Clogs

Most Durable

  • Versatile colors
  • Very long lasting
  • Roomy toe box
  • The sole isn't soft
  • Shoes tend to be small (w.r.t. sizing)

Material: Leather | Features: Padded collar, contoured, polyurethane rocker-style outsole | Technology: N/A

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The DANSKO Professional Leather Clogs make it to number two on our list. These shoes make a great fit, particularly for women surgeons. Available in multiple colors (black, brown, charcoal, honey etc.), these shoes are available with both leather uppers and cloth uppers. It comes in both suede and oiled leather.

These shoes are different from the usual slip-on clogs because they come with a padded collar. This collar gives your foot stability and saves your feet from slipping out of the show, while allowing for ample movement inside the shoe. The reinforced toe box allows for comfortable movement of the toes. The foot bed is contoured and along with the PU rocker-style outsole, provides more control over the movement of your foot as well as shock absorption for protection.

These shoes are of very good quality and can easily last up to 6-7 years. Considering that surgeons will mostly need these to stand in in and not walk, these will definitely last longer.

However, since these shoes are hard and sturdy, they will require some time for you to break in and get your feet comfortable. Another thing to keep in mind while getting these is size. You might need to order a size bigger, because these shoes tend to be on the smaller side. These shoes are great if you’re looking for an affordable investment which will last for years.

3. Sketcher's Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip-ons

Best Affordable

  • Anti-slip shoes
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Very Affordable
  • Can be too big
  • Not very durable

Material: Synthetic, Mesh fabric | Features: Memory foam insole, Padded collar | Technology: N/A

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These slip-ons by Sketcher’s support a sporty style and perfect for all-day wear. Not only do they look good, but also are very comfortable and convenient to wear.

These shoes come in three colors: black, charcoal, and grey. They have a mesh upper, which is water and stain resistant and an outsole with slip-resistant traction, which really helps with walking firmly on all kinds of surfaces. The material of the shoes makes them easier to keep clean, and wash whenever necessary. The insole is made from memory foam, which along with the padded collar gives your feet a very nice cushioning. The midsole is also very lightweight, which reduces the strain on your feet, particularly during movement. The elastic side-gores and the elastic panel at the opening make it very easy to slip these shoes on and off.

You can wear these shoes outside of the surgery room. The best part is, they’re extremely affordable. These shoes are nice and airy, however, sometimes they can be too big and loose, which is something you need to look out for when you’re ordering these. Quality-wise, however, these shoes don’t go a long way, as they might only last up to 2 years after continuous usage. These shoes are perfect for people who prioritise comfort above anything else.

4. Crocs Specialist Clogs

Best Comfort

  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Thicker in the toe and metatarsal region
  • No half size
  • Not very breathable

Material: Croslite foam | Features: Lightweight, Varying thickness according to foot structure, Roomy toe box | Technology: N/A

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Crocs might not be the most popular shoes in the fashion world, but they are quite popular in the world of doctors and nurses. People working in the healthcare, including surgeons, need to be on their feet for long periods of time. These crocs provide the perfect comfort, weight, and convenience for that.

These shoes come in three colors: black, navy, and white. They’re very lightweight, with have higher heels and enhanced arches which provide great support for your feet. Since these shoes are specifically designed for professionals whose work requires them to be on their feet, the toe and the metatarsal regions are made especially thicker. These shoes are a little roomy, but give a comfortable rather than a loose fit.

These shoes are made from Croslite foam, which provides a soft cushion for your feet as well as support. The best thing about these shoes is that they are extremely easy to clean, as they don’t even have the usual air holes, which are characteristic of the classic Crocs.

However, the absence of these holes takes away the breathable quality from the shoes, which can make your feet sweat a lot. These shoes are not available in half sizes, so it is recommended that your size down if you’re someone who wears half sizes. So, if you’re someone who puts comfort over style, these shoes will take you a long way. However, these aren’t great if you want to let your feet breathe.

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