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Can Shoe Insoles be Washed in Washing Machines: Know the Answer and 4 Alternate Tips!

People use various different types of remedies for cleaning their dirty shoes. One of the most commonly used remedy is to wash your shoes in a washing machine. However, many of us wonder if it is okay to wash the shoe insoles in a washing machine too or not. The reason behind this thinking is that shoe insoles are a relatively delicate part of your shoes so people get afraid of experimenting around with them. Moreover, shoe insoles are supposed to give you comfort when you wear your shoes for all day long. Therefore, you do not want them to hurt your feet when they are not treated well.

This is exactly why this question echoes in our minds whenever we think of washing our shoes in a washing machine that whether we should wash the shoe insoles too in the same manner or not. But now you do not need to worry about this confusion anymore because in this article, we are going to have a detailed discussion on this topic.

The answer to this very common question is both Yes and No and now we are going to explain why is it so.

Look for the Cleaning Instructions of your Shoes

All types of shoes are not designed to be washed in washing machines. And if you try to wash shoes that cannot bear the toughness of a washing machine, then you may end up damaging your shoes. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to read the cleaning instructions of your shoes. The manufacturers explicitly mention which types of shoe insoles are to be washed in a washing machine and which are not. If your insoles can be washed in a washing machine, then there is no harm in washing them along with your clothes in a washing machine.

Once you have washed your insoles in a washing machine, put them in a dryer to remove the excessively absorbed water. Finally, let them dry in the sunlight after which they will be all set to be put back into your shoes. In case your insoles are harmed during the process, you can look out for the new ones in our review here.  To avoid any harm, always check if the instructions forbid you to wash your shoe insoles in a washing machine. If yes, then you need to look for some other workaround.

What other Methods are Available for Cleaning Shoe Insoles?

Even if your shoe insoles cannot be washed in a washing machine, there still are multiple different tips available that can be used for cleaning your shoe insoles. These tips are discussed below:

Tip 1. Make Use of Soap Solution

First of all, you need to remove the shoe insoles from your shoes. Now mix some liquid soap in warm water. After that, dip a brush into this soap solution and start scrubbing your shoe insoles with it. You can dip the brush in this solution for as many times as you need and keep scrubbing the shoe insoles until you get rid of all the stains. Finally, let your shoe insoles to dry up completely in sunlight.


Tip 2. Take Help from Baking Soda

This method is particularly used to remove the bad odor of the shoe insoles. All you have to do is to take a zip lock bag and fill it up with some baking soda. Now put your insoles into that bag and leave them as it is for overnight. In the morning, take out your insoles from that bag and dust away all the excess baking soda and you will notice that all the unpleasant odor is gone.


Tip 3. Use a Mixture of Vinegar and Water



Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl and submerge your shoe insoles into this mixture. Let them stay in this mixture for a few hours. After that rinse your shoe insoles nicely with cold water. Finally, let your shoe insoles to dry in sunlight after which you can conveniently put them back into your shoes.



Tip 4. Use a Mixture of Alcohol and Water

This method is also used for disinfecting your shoe insoles and getting rid of all the bad odor. Mix equal parts of alcohol and water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Shake it well to give it a good mix. Now spray this mixture directly on to your insoles. After doing that, let your insoles to dry in sunlight. Once they have dried well, you can simply put them back into your shoes.



Washing the shoe insoles in a washing machine is not the only solution for cleaning your shoe insoles. There are multiple other ways too with which you can make your insoles look nice and pleasant. However, you should always take a good care in the first place so that you need not to clean your insoles that often. You should always dry up your feet well before putting your shoes on. Moreover, you can also dust some talcum powder into your shoes before wearing them. This will prevent your feet from sweating and stinging and hence will also enable your insoles to stay clean and fresh.

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