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How Should Sandals Fit: For Perfect Fitting of Your Beautiful Sandals

Sandals are the trademark of summer footwear and in style since old ages by ordinary people to royalty. They must be breathable, and comfortable for your feet health. They are very common in many styles for different occasions and events. They are ranging from gladiator, flip flops, sling-backs, wedges, high heels, slides, flat sandals with embellishments and athletes sandals. All of them are having different fitting criteria and most of the people are unaware of this information.

So, they do not have a clear idea about the selection of proper fitted sandal that is very important to the health and comfort of your feet. In this article, we will give you some tips and useful information that can help you to purchase a well fitted new pair of sandal.

Do Correct Measurements for Well Fitted Sandals

Tip 1: Your feet size and shape get change as you grow and become older with the passage of time. As a result of relaxation and stretching occurs into your feet ligaments and soft tissues. So the best approach is to measure your feet twice a year.

Tip 2: Always purchase the right size sandals, not too big, not too small. Keep some space for toe to move into them. Take one number big than your size for the comfort of feet for day long out-door’s activities. Because, as the day passes and night comes, your feet generally get swell. Also, not feet are of the same size, so go for the fitting of the larger foot.

Tip 3: While measuring your feet for the sandal fitting. Leave ½ inches at the start of the shoe from the toe to adjust longer and longest toe that is also known as Morton’s toe.  Also leave 1/8 inches at the end of shoe from the heel. Otherwise you can have wounds and blisters on the heel bone in case of strapped and closed sandals.

Tip 4: It is better to stand when you are measuring your feet and take help of some person for exact measurement.

Tip 5: Measure your arch length starting from the heel to the ball of the foot. Ball of the foot is the place where your toe joints bend. This bend of the toe should match with the place where shoe toe bends. Put on both sandals and rise up onto your toes. If the shoes will not bend according to the toes bend position then they are not a good fit.

Purchase a Right Size Sandal

Tip 1:  It is better to go to the shoes store and try on the sandals by wearing them. Make sure the straps are well fitted on the toes and heels, but a little bit loose on the instep to keep room for swelling. Wear your sandals and walk in the store to ensure they are the best fit.

Tip 2: Always purchase a well heeled sandals like wedges. According to American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA, women should wear no more than 3/4 inches. This association recommends well heeled or wedged that have normally a suitable cushioning for the comfort of the feet.

Tip 3: While trying any type of sandal in the shoe store, break in the sandal by your hands. Place one of your hands under the toe and the other under the heel and stretch the footbed a few times. Then you will feel comfortable while wearing it. For strapped sandals, open all the straps, sit down on the couch and then wear on these sandals. Close all the straps gently by leaving enough space for proper fitting and freedom of your feet.

Tip 4: Wear on your new pair of sandals for less time for first five or six times. In this way your feet and body will get used to their shape. You will get contoured arch, strap and buckles support.

Tip 5: Mostly sandals are manufactured to give a nice look and feel but not comfort to your feet. So, if they are not well fitted in the first try, do not purchase them immediately. In case you have make a purchase online, and the size is not correct, you can use insoles especially designed with cushions and support for arcs. For high arch support, you may purchase one of the best 5 insoles after going through our 2020 review here. Similarly, if straps are problematic, there are many differently made sticky stripes in the market that you can use.


There are many styles of sandals with which you can go according to your needs. You can enjoy your shopping with proper fitting guidelines given above. No matter, you are going on walk, swimming, shopping, you can comfortably carry your sandals.

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