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How to Clean White Shoe Laces: 3 Simple Methods for 2020

You put a chunk of your pocket money in those shoe laces of yours. You’ve broken them in, worn them on your everyday runs, climbed to lovely spots, redesigned your laces, slipped them on for Saturdays in the recreation center and worn them to walk the pooch before dawn. Presently they’re dirty and malodorous. However, you can’t stand to pitch them at this time.

Since shoes determine your personality and you would never want to wear your shoes with dirty laces, therefore, you would be thinking how to easily clean your white shoe laces at home at a very low cost . So let’s about talk about how to clean white shoelaces to expel stains and smells while holding their shape, quality and beauty.

Following are the three methods in which you can clean your shoe laces easily at a very low cost.

Method 1. Simple Method  

Step 1. Remove the Laces

Remove the laces from your shoes so you can, without much of a stretch, clean the front and back of your shoelaces. Utilizing a little brush, delicately brush your laces from front to back, expelling any abundance earth before the laces are washed in a water-based arrangement.

Step 2. Prepare Mixture

Fill your sink or a pail with warm water. Blend in a modest quantity of clothing cleanser to help release developed grime. On the off chance that your laces are strong white, you can substitute a modest quantity of blanch instead of the clothing cleanser.


Step 3. Put the Laces in the Mixture

Put the laces inside the sink or the pail or your container which is full of detergent mixed water ready to clean the laces.

Step 4. Take out the Laces

Remove the laces from water after they have splashed for around 15-20 minutes, tenderly brushing them while still wet.

Step 5. Dry the Laces

Hang your shoelaces on a drying rack with the goal that they dangle. Placing them in the dryer can contract or in any case harm the laces. When they have completely dried, ribbon up your shoes and make the most of your sparkly spotless laces!

Method 2. Machine Washing White Shoe laces

Step 1. Remove the Laces

Unlace your shoes.

Step 2. Use a Brush

Use a toothbrush, nailbrush, dish brush or whatever brush you like to clear off abundance mud and soil stains from the top and sides of your shoe laces.


Step 3. Put Laces in Clothes Washer

Put your shoe laces in the clothes washer and include a modest quantity of cleanser. However, make certain to check your white shoe laces’ washing guidelines before you do so. Most canvas tennis shoe laces are fine to toss in the clothes washer, however a few shoe laces may not be machine washed. On the off chance that your shoe laces are machine washable, wash the shoe laces on a sensitive setting and with cold water.

Step 4. Dry the Laces

Let your shoe laces air-dry in an area out of the sun. NEVER put your shoes or laces in direct daylight or in the dryer. The warmth will destroy your shoe laces

Method. 3 Hand Washing White Shoe Laces

Step 1. Unlace the Shoes

Unlace your shoes so that you can easily clean all the stains which are a part of your shoe laces.

Step 2. Use a Dry Brush

Use a dry brush to evacuate any dried soil from your shoe laces.

Step 3. Prepare Mixture

Use a little bowl to blend warm water and a modest quantity of clothing cleanser. In the event that you would like, you can utilize a modest quantity of dish cleanser rather than cleanser.

Step 4. Clean the Laces

Dip your brush in the water-based arrangement, ensuring the fibers are immersed , and clean your shoe laces with the wet brush.

Step 5. Dry the Laces

Gently dry your spotless shoelaces with a paper towel or dish fabric. On the off chance that your shoe laces stay soggy, place them in a concealed zone outside or over an air vent until totally dry. You can use a shoe or a boot dryer for this purpose. If u plan to do so, don’t forget to check out our latest review of the best dryers here. It will surely serve the purpose.


Since no one would want to walk in dirty shoe laces, so you can easily clean your shoe laces at home in a very cheap manner by following any one of the above three methods. At the point when you possess a few sets of shoes, purchasing substitution laces as often as possible can wind up being more exorbitant than you might suspect. By and large, there are around 421,000 microorganisms outwardly of your shoes. Your hands contact the laces regularly. Keep yourself from becoming ill by keeping them clean. Now you can walk confidently without the fear of being judged by having dirty shoe laces and also without the fear of germs on your shoe laces.

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