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How to Repair Rubber Boots: Quick Solutions For All Kinds Of Cracks

As you know rubber boots are considered to be the best work boots in almost every situation including raining. Most of the time you wear them while going for fishing, gardening or for other agricultural stuff. If you are working in mines or chemical industries, then wearing rubber boots is the best choice. They provide protection to your feet from any type of harm.

In result, these boots get muddy, split or cracked after frequent use on wet surfaces or inside harmful chemical’s locations. The damaged shoes can harm your feet because, water, muck or chemical can seep through the cracks. But, no need to worry, as in the following sections you will get a better idea about repairing of rubber boots.

You can repair your rubber boots if they have small cracks, large cracks or even if the boot sole has separated. Let’s dive deep into the methods of these three types of repairing. Some discussion is also given about avoidance of such situations, maintenance after being repaired and leaving the shoes in a better condition for longevity.

How to Repair Small Cracks

If your boots have minor holes or cracks, then follow these steps.

  1. Clean your boots for mud or dirt by using shoe brush and soft cloth.
  2. Wash them with soapy water thoroughly.
  3. Find out the location of cracks in the boots.
  4. If the cracks are very small and cannot be seen by naked eye.
  5. Then fill your boots with water and identify the holes from where the boots will sprinkle out water. Warning: Do not use this method for thick lining rubber boots having stuffed inner linings.
  6. Now apply adhesive glue on the surface of the crack after making sure that boots are completely dry. You may use one of these boot dryers listed in our recent review here. Warning: Apply glue on boots in an open or well-ventilated location, to avoid toxicity.

Pro-Tips: Use sand paper, to sand the surface of the crack. In this way, the glue will stick in a better way. Use paper tape on the whole boots leaving cracks open, so that glue cannot stick to the other areas.

Warning:  Use rubber gloves while applying glue, otherwise, it will stick to your hands. As, glue contains chemicals, so it is not good to use it without taking precautionary measures.

How to Repair Large Cracks

Unfortunately, if your rubber boots have large cracks, those can be repaired with two ways. Either by using simple stick-on patches or by using adhesive glue and repair patches. Let’s start the step by step method to repair large cracks from your boots.

First Method

  1. Wash your boots for any dirt or mud and clean them with dry cloth.
  2. Take a stick-on patch, easily available from the markets. Then, cut a piece of stick-on patch according to the size of the crack. Pro-Tips: Use a rubber boot repair kit that sometimes contains these adhesive patches for rubber boots as well. Warning: Carefully read manufacturer’s guide in the kit about the use of these patches.
  3. Now, attach the patch on the cracked area.

Pro-Tip:  Do not use your boots until the adhesive patch properly attached with the surface. Look for the drying time of the patches from the manufacturer’s given instructions.

Second Method

  1. Clean your shoes for extra dirt or any chemical with soapy water. Dry it completely before starting the repair process.
  2. Now apply a thin layer of adhesive glue on the surface of the crack or hole.
  3. Then, attach the repair patch that should also be covered with adhesive glue for better stick. Pro-Tip: Before applying glue, stuff the boots with some paper or old cloth to avoid damaging the inner lining.
  4. Place some heavy thing over the patch, so that it can stick firmly with the surface of the boots. Pro-Tip: While applying pressure, keep on rubbing over the patch to remove air bubbles. Warning: Do not wear your boots before 24 hours. Let the glue and patch to be fix in place.

How to Repair Separated Soles

You don’t always have to face this situation that your boot sole has get detached. But if this will happen, don’t worry this is not the end of life for your boots obviously. You can fix it.

  1. Take a clean cloth and wipe out any dirt from the boots. Then wash them properly with soapy water.
  2. Dry them completely for better results.
  3. Attach the sole with the lower surface of the boots with the adhesive glue.
  4. If the glue to be used is not instant, use C-Clamp. It will keep the sole attach with the upper surface of the boot firmly. Pro-Tips: Read the rubber boot kit guide for proper use of the adhesive glue.

Conditioning your Rubber Boots

In the last but not the least, let’s discuss about the application of wax or rubber boot conditioners. You can apply conditioner with a soft cloth and wipe away the excessive spray. But make sure your boots are clean and dry. Then let them dry overnight.

You can use wax wipes to give a glossy shine to your boots. It will also add a waterproof layer on the surface of your boots. Also, wax will not let the dirt to stick on to your boots on your way to work.

Pro Tip:  When you are not using your boots, keep them in closed cabinet.


Congratulations! you have quick guide to look for repairing methods for your damaged rubber boots. If you have a very stubborn crack that is not going to be repaired with simple methods described above. Then you must search for a professional cobbler in the town to get your boots repaired. After all, paying less amount of money and get your old boots repaired is better than to purchase a new pair that are normally very costly.

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