Best Boot Polish for 2020

Doesn’t it look good when the boots you’ve spent your hard-earned money on shine with a nice lustre and appear their very best? Just as you need to shower and wash your clothes regularly to look like you care about personal hygiene, your boots too need regular maintenance and polishing. A good polishing product not only elongates the lifetime of your boots but also makes them look more expensive. For that reason alone, you should always have a good boot polish at hand to give your trusty kicks a good swipe so you can go out there looking and feeling your absolute best. It’s imperative!

Anyhow, the purpose of this write-up for me is to bring to you five of the best boot polishes currently available out there. Every product is good and guaranteed to serve you well. What you choose to get eventually narrows down to your personal preferences and the kind of boots you own. But at least the choice you make will be an informed one.

All aboard? Let’s get to it then!

1. Moneysworth & Best Shoe Cream

Best Choice

  • Multi-colored jars
  • Provides good lustre and polish
  • Adds moisture to boot fabric
  • Restores original shine
  • Slight difference from color in pictures

Quantity: 50ml | Usage: Soft Leather | Colors: Multiple

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So the brand that makes these boot polishes are called Moneysworth & Best, but are they really your money’s worth and well… the best?

Absolutely! Coming in a wide range of colourful little jars that contain blends of creams made from the alchemy of natural oils, waxes, lanolin, and colored pigments, these creams cater to different shoes and boots of varying colors. When applied, they restore shine and lustre to your boots and may even revitalize their original look if you’ve applied them to boots you’ve owned for a long time. It’s as if they’ll look good as new. The cream effectively brings back moisture (an important element for longevity) to the boots which is sapped by the leather material

The cream is even suitable for use on soft leather. And based on the cost-result ratio, they really do deliver their money’s worth. You have to be a tad bit careful and do your research before buying this product though because I think the color you see on the picture and what you get in real life may have a slight degree of difference.

But with that said, you may ask why is the Moneysworth & Best boot cream at the top of my list? That’s because they’re colourful, reliable, and make your boots look hella great.

2. OrthoStep Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

Premium Choice

  • Does well to restore leather
  • Revives original color
  • Fills out cracks and glosses over worn leather
  • Results are apparent very quickly
  • Limited colors to choose from

Quantity: 1.5 oz | Usage: Leather | Colors: Black / Dark Brown

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Ah yes! OrthoStep. A US based brand that is renown and trusted in the shoe-wear and shoe-care industry for consistently churning out reliable products. And if you’re not familiar with their name, there’s no reason to worry because I am. And dealing in shoes has been my bread and butter for years.

Coming in two colors; black and dark brown, the OrthoStep cream polish is also made from mixing natural oils with wax and pigments. This cream works great on leathers because it is a fast acting agent that immediately restores old and worn leather to look new again. If your boots have become wearied with age and are filled with cracks and scuffs as a result of years of use and exposure to natural weather elements, then the OrthoStep cream polish will rejuvenate them by glossing over the worn areas. A small quarter size amount when applied brings immediate results. And by immediate I really do mean immediate because the results are surprisingly fast with this one.

The only reason this polish is ranked second is because of the limited amount of colors the brand offers. If they had a bigger range of polishes like the ones by Moneysworth & Best, that would’ve immediately resulted in them occupying the pinnacle on this list.

Still though, these will bring back the original look of your boots and drastically improve on their durability. What more should one ask for?

3. Kelly's Shoe Cream

Bronze Medal

  • Thick and creamy polish
  • Wide variety of available colors
  • Results are immediate
  • Colors are sometimes different from ad

Quantity: 1.5oz | Usage: Smooth/grained leather | Colors: Multiple

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With a thick cream like texture, this brand of shoe cream by Kelly works like a charm on all things leather. The cream is composed of natural waxes that are brewed and then hardened to resemble a thick pasty liquid.

Yes, application can be a little messy because the cream is viscous and an overabundance of it when applied to your boots may result in some of them getting on your hands but by Jove, once you’ve polished your boots with a brush afterwards, they look imperial and beautiful. And the results are pretty immediate too.

I had a pair of old brown boots filled with tiny cracks and chippings but after applying this shoe cream, they looked a chocolaty brown color and it was delicious for the eyes to look at.

So yes, the Kelly shoe cream is rich looking and sure rejuvenates old leather to make it look rich as well. The best part is, Kelly makes these creams in a wide variety of colors, with different shades of the same color. Some of the colors are so exquisite they’re hard to pronounce even. I have to warn you though, some colors as depicted in the pictures do vary when seen in real life. So make sure you pick the correct choice of color when buying this shoe polish.

For me though, the Kelly Shoe Cream comes at a well-deserved third place.

4. Saphir Creme Surfine Pommadier Shoe Polish

The Dark Horse

  • Wide assortment of colors
  • Beeswax restores and recolors the boot
  • Waterproof coating after application
  • Smell is strange
  • Takes time for boots to dry after application

Quantity: 50ml | Usage: All leathers | Colors: Multiple

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Saphir is a French brand that has been notable for manufacturing high-quality shoecare products for a 100 years now making them a trusted name. With their Crème Surfine, they bring to the fore a very good shoe polish that not only restores your boot’s leather but also nourishes the fabric and brings back its original shine and lustre.

Composed of natural beeswax, the polish has a high concentration of pigments that, when applied, gloss over cracks and scuff marks until the boots look like they were just bought yesterday. The nourishing layer of polish also adds a coat of waterproofing to your leather to ensure that natural outdoor elements such as rain or snow do not get through the folds of the boot or wear them down.

I also really like that Saphir Crème Surfine comes in a wide assortment of colors that would complement practically every colored leather boot you own.

My two small concerns with this polish were the sweet smell of it, which gets a little annoying for me at times. As well as the fact that sometimes drying the boot after the application of the polish takes some time.

But on the basis of effectiveness alone this exotic French shoe polish is definitely worth the money.

5. Cadillac Select Premium Cream Shoe Polish

Super Underrated

  • Provides conditioning on leather once applied
  • Uses natural waxes
  • Many varieties of color to choose from
  • Lacks water proofing
  • Could create better lustre on boots

Quantity: 1.5oz | Usage: All leathers | Colors: Seven

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The Premium Cream Shoe Polish by Cadillac is yet another worthy entry in this rank of already really good shoe polishes. But this one merits its inclusion because it incorporates a laboratory made rich nourishing formula useful at rejuvenating, restoring, and recoloring whatever leather material it gets applied to. Made from intermixing color pigments with natural waxes, you get this cream polish.

Coming in about seven different colors, this shoe cream will cater to most standard boots when applied with a polish brush. Once you’ve applied the polish you can pretty much say goodbye to the signs of wear on your boots because this neat and nifty cream will restore lustre on the leather as well as condition it in the process.

There’s not much wrong with this polish, it just doesn’t let the leather glisten as well as the others on the list. I also wish it had some waterproofing capabilities too. It would’ve made the polish rank higher that way in my opinion.

But for the money I am paying for this premium cream polish I did walk away pretty much satisfied.

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